Terrible Things

What happens when a government thinks that it has the authority to protect it’s nation by any means necessary, many good men may end up losing their lives.

Five military specialists get called into duty under the guise of stopping terrorists from entering the country in the middle of the night across the Mexican border. They are whisked into a military training compound under the oddest of circumstances and told almost nothing about what they are about to do.

After being injected with a strange liquid the men are then gassed unknowingly only to wake up in what they can only assume is Mexico in the middle of the night. Despite the odd circumstances of the mission the men find little to make them think anything of consequence will take place on this dark ops mission.

That is especially true of Mark, a cocky all American type who is often the most gifted physical specimen anywhere he goes and doesn’t hesitate to let everyone know it. Mark almost immediately rubs Joe the wrong way. Joe is a take no bull headstrong ball buster who only knows the military way of life, and likes it that way. Joe wants Mark to take this mission more seriously, and to shut his mouth.

It isn’t until the men start dying that they begin to take the mission seriously, but it seems like it may be a bit to late for any of them to make it out alive. In the final epic battle everything finally makes sense to the remaining men, there was never any terrorists, it was a human experiment all along. In the end though, the experiments work and now a couple of the animalistic super soldiers escape with a bloody vengeance as the only thing on their mind.


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