“Caesar” Synopsis

“in the world of the mob, there can only be room for one family…”

“Caesar” is a black & white film noire  retelling of the classic stage-play “Julius Caesar”

by William Shakespeare.

The story is set against the bloody underworld of gang life during the 1930’s/40’s, told through the eyes of “Marc” and his younger brother “Tony” who have both lost much of their innocence since they were kids living on the streets. Back then, “Marc” needed a way to provide for his baby brother, and the only man to take him in was “The Boss”. “The Boss” pledged that becoming one of his sons meant a better life for all, except for those who stood in his way of dominating the crime world. So “Marc”, vowing never to allow little “Tony” to starve, sold his soul to “The Boss” and became apart of his ugly empire.  Now “Marc” is much older and thinking about hanging it up for good, possibly even getting married to a secret love that only “Tony” knows about. “Marc” has risen to a point so high in his career that, with the help of other mobsters with greed on their minds, he could even surpass “The Boss” himself as overseer of the empire,  but at what cost? Risking his own life, the life with his fiancé, and the love of his brother, “Marc” will have to choose between the only family he’s ever known and his own flesh and blood.


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