For Granted

For Granted is a film about a dad who does just that, he takes time with his son for granted. This project started out as a fun little outing with my writer/actor friend Pete where we had a few props, him and a camera. I have always loved 48 hr film festivals so we decided to kinda do our own little version we took about 30 min to come up with the story and then talked my son into going and shooting it with us. here was the initial result of the film


for taking 30 min to come up with the story, 2 hours to shoot and a few hours to edit the film i was very proud of it. The story hits home to almost anyone with a kid I think. After watching it recently I knew with the actors i had met in colorado and the crew I have been working with we could make this project much better. So Pete and I did some re-working of the story. I called up some great Actors Matt Block and Cooper Hoag. They loved the “rough draft” as I am now calling it and were on board. As always I knew I could rely on my good friend Tyler Duffus of Denver Grown Music and Recording to do an amazing job on the production and post production audio. I got my favorite camera man Karl Shievelbein and we went and began shooting.

Once we finished production I was so excited that we had pulled it off. I cant wait to show it to you. So be on the look out for the film to be making its way to some festivals. I will try and post more about the project including stills, behind the scenes of tyler mixing the film and much more.