Actor Blog – Peter Norgren of Blackout

My first experience as a character in a filmed role was more fun than anything.

I’ve known Doug for a while now.  We’ve been goofing around before he went to Florida to become a big name producer 😉 So you can imagine how the off screen time went.

Because we used to hang out, there was little pressure. We both knew what each other were looking for while writing and filming.  Re-takes were seen as something fun to do instead of an annoyance.  Most of the time was spent laughing.  It felt like we spent more time goofing around then actually filming.  It was creative every step to say the least.

More than anything, it was just like old times; playing around with a camera in our faces.


Post Production Log – Blackout

I threw the basic edit together tonight and wrapped up around 4:30am.  I’m very proud of it since it was just a test. this shoot was full of surprises. I had no idea my friend Pete could actually act, I got to work with my long time film geek friend Shawn for the first time.  I really tried to put the camera and lenses to the test when shooting this and yet it still comes out better looking than any other camera i had used on my own projects. I did a lot of color correcting to give it a bit of a grunge look, but the original looked so good i felt like i was betraying the camera by doing this. for my audio I used Pro-scores from video Co-Pilot (amazing stuff!, but once you have heard it you’ll notice it everywhere else). The end song is from a Kansas city band i just shot a music video for. Black Ribbon Sky  – Pain love hate. A very cool band btw check them out.  I’m very busy so not sure when I will have time to master the audio, and finalize the color correcting. but the edit as far as I’m concerned is locked. I hope i finish it soon so everyone can see it and enjoy.