I have been into video since before I knew about the concept of editing, I used to sneak off with my dads camera and make TV shows with my friends, I used to edit in camera. If we had a bad take we would rewind and do it again. It’s funny looking back. I still remember all the ideas that flew through my head when I found out you could do several takes and with a computer edit out all the bad stuff. Instantly I fell in love with editing, I would have my friends get in front of the camera so I could test all of the special effects I had come up with. Especially when I learned about the good old crop and garbage matte tools. After wearing all my friends out with the special effects  I got into drama and began writing scripts that would defiantly fall into the teen drama category.  My cousin had taught me all sorts of storytelling devices and I was defiantly hooked on creating characters with archs and flaws. I realized the power of writing. Me and a friend had this dream of making movies for a living and decided to go to film school together. I didn’t want to be like everyone else I knew and do a job to make ends meet. I wanted to make a career of doing what I loved. Me and my girlfriend of 4 years (now my wife who I have been with for 9 years) and my friend all moved to Florida to go to Full Sail. I received my degree and 1 month later began working on my first big movie (Larry the cable guy: health inspector) I got to meet Alan Bloomquist and Larry and the 2nd unit D.P. Of the Matrix. It was great but I didn’t want to be stuck playing a minor role in a big film and decided to start up my own company focusing on making smaller films that I could be a major part in. But before that I had something to take care of. So on what was supposed to be the last day on Larry the Cable guy I took my girlfriend and married her! She’s the love of my life and I didn’t want her to think that movies came first ever. So after we were married I finished my first Feature as a DP/Producer “Caesar” a retelling of William Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” that’s modernized to the times of the mobsters. This may always be one of my favorite projects. A collaboration of many people that came out great and on a budget of $250.  It’s amazing what you can accomplish with a great group of people. From there I focused on trying to grow my business into videos for companies and music videos. In the meantime I kept writing and shooting my own projects.
As of today I have three beautiful kids that mean the world to me and my wife that without I couldn’t have accomplished even half of what I have. I am currently working for a company me and my brother started up doing videos for small businesses. In my spare time me and my brother write stories and shoot fun videos of our children.


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