Production Log-Blackout

I have to say shooting with DSLR cameras make a world of difference. Especially when you have nice lenses. I ended up using a macro lens it’s a 100 mm macro and it opens up to a 2.8. i could seriously focus between eyelashes. I really tried to push the technology as far as I could, and the results blew me away. The camera complemented the shoot very well. it gave it a great gritty grungy look. the lens I used the most was the 50 mm prime that opens up to a 1.8/ I did this especially for the fight scene so i could crank the shutter. You can make out blades of grass flying off Pete and Jake throughout the entire thing.  and of course the 1.8 really came in hand when using two light bulbs in fixed positions to light the basement scenes. I may have been shooting with 3 first time actors, but they all did a great job. once it started getting late we started filling the cards pretty quick with outtakes, but we still got it. we shot the entire thing in around 5 hours.

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