Post Production Log – Blackout

I threw the basic edit together tonight and wrapped up around 4:30am.  I’m very proud of it since it was just a test. this shoot was full of surprises. I had no idea my friend Pete could actually act, I got to work with my long time film geek friend Shawn for the first time.  I really tried to put the camera and lenses to the test when shooting this and yet it still comes out better looking than any other camera i had used on my own projects. I did a lot of color correcting to give it a bit of a grunge look, but the original looked so good i felt like i was betraying the camera by doing this. for my audio I used Pro-scores from video Co-Pilot (amazing stuff!, but once you have heard it you’ll notice it everywhere else). The end song is from a Kansas city band i just shot a music video for. Black Ribbon Sky  – Pain love hate. A very cool band btw check them out.  I’m very busy so not sure when I will have time to master the audio, and finalize the color correcting. but the edit as far as I’m concerned is locked. I hope i finish it soon so everyone can see it and enjoy.


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